Catch me with a camera in hand and boba in the other – probably dreaming of my next adventure.

Weddings are stressful enough… you really don’t need your photographer to add any more to your plate, right?! Plus, I am here to keep it real AF.

You see, I am not just photographing you and your love story. I am capturing all of your raw emotions and intimate details. My goal is to photograph memories that you can share for years and years to come. Together, we are making them last a lifetime.

hi, I'm grace!


Something that I have strived to implement is a diverse portfolio with a “true-to-the-day” edit… “BUT, GRACE, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?” The thing is, not everyone has the same skin complexion, outfits, locations, etc. Each couple needs + deserves something different. That is why it has become such an important part of my photography to provide you with images + edits that fit you and the vibe of your session. No two sessions are the same, and I want my style to reflect that.

And, do you want to know a little secret? My boyfriend (of SEVEN years) never really gets our photos professionally taken together simply because I have had such a hard time finding a photographer who is able to cater to the needs of our session – especially when it comes to capturing ALL types of skin tones. What I have decided? If this is important to me, a person of color, then most likely it is important to you too,

As a NoCal Wedding Photographer, a diverse portfolio is my jam.

I am born + raised in good ‘ol Stockton, California, and I am a big family type of gal (four sisters and three brothers)... which means that I definitely know how to party and have a WHOLE LOTTA FUN.

Although I come off a little bit shy, you better believe that once you get to know me, my personality really starts to shine through. You will experience it all: quirky, exuberant, and go with the flow. Plus, I am a little overdramatic + sassy… But, in a good way. Do you know what I have learned? Those are the best types of people!

I am not a regular photographer…
I am a cool one


Can I just say, BLESS FINE ASIAN CUISINE + pearl milk tea WITH boba

We are definitely 49ers fans over here (big football lovers)

I have a Golden Doodle, fur baby named Co0per.


The only time I like waking up is for a dreamy sunrise session.

My significant other and I have been together 7 years

things you might also find me doing

Playing Pickleball

Going on a walk with my boyfriend + dog

Running some rounds playing rummikub

Playing Volleyball with my family

Reading a contempt romance book

Chilin' in bed watching Netflix

Listening to some crime podcast

Hanging out with my family