Fun Folsom Lake Couples Session

NoCal Wedding Photographer shares inspiration from a Folsom Lake Couples Session she captured.

As a photographer, there are those quiet moments in between bookings when you’re itching to capture something beautiful.

Instead of idly waiting for inquiries to hit my inbox, I love to seize the opportunity to get creative and expand my portfolio. So, I reach out to couples, offering them a chance to collaborate with me on a unique photoshoot experience.

Jessica + Michael’s Folsom Lake Couples Session

This time, my adventure led me to Jessica and Michael, a wonderful couple with a zest for life. In exchange for their time and energy, they would receive a stunning gallery of photographs to cherish forever.

It was a win-win situation that promised a day filled with laughter and beautiful memories.

Keeping it Casual

We kicked off the session with some casual shots.

The sun was still pretty high in the sky, casting a bright light that I wanted to soften a bit for that magical golden hour glow.

So, I brought these two to a well-lit area that was pretty shaded by nature. This allowed me to shoot in a softer light even though the sun hadn’t started to drop yet.

As Jessica and Michael relaxed into the shoot, their genuine chemistry began to shine through the lens. Their ease with each other and the camera made my job a breeze. It’s always a delight to work with such enthusiastic and photogenic couples, and these two were no exception.

Outfit Change, Please

After capturing their love in casual attire, we decided to switch things up and add a dash of adventure to our session.

It was time for the couple to put on their swimwear and head to a beautiful beachy shore.

The change in setting and outfits brought a new level of excitement into the session. Jessica and Michael embraced the opportunity to showcase their playful side, splashing in the water and sharing tender moments by the shore.

It was a beautiful contrast to the earlier part of the shoot and allowed us to capture the various facets of their love story.

The next time you find yourself in a slow season or simply want to build your portfolio, consider reaching out to couples like Jessica and Michael. You might just find that your slow season can turn into an unforgettable adventure filled with beautiful moments and everlasting memories.


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