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Venturing into the heart of nature, Alyanna and Nelson’s engagements in Yosemite National Park were a breathtaking and iconic experience.  A Nature-Filled Adventure in Yosemite Exploring the diverse beauty of Yosemite, we ventured through woodsy areas, peaceful meadows, and alongside a stream, where we enjoyed an incredible view of El Capitan.  Although we couldn’t reach […]

Love and Engagements in Yosemite


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When it comes to beach sessions, there’s a hidden gem that holds a special place in my heart—Gray Whale Cove State Beach, also known as Devil’s Slide.

Although it has a strange name, I find Gray Whale Cove truly poetic. It perfectly captures the mystique and enchantment of this coastal paradise.

Whispers of Love: A Gray Whale Cove Beach Engagement Session


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Love has a funny way of finding its path, and for Celeste and Jonah, it all started in high school English class. Fast forward through the years, and here they are, not just high school sweethearts, but a couple ready to start on a lifelong journey together as husband and wife.

Being their photographer, I felt an instant connection with this dynamic duo, making the opportunity to capture their engagement session even more special.

Capturing Love in the Heart of the City: Downtown Sacramento Engagement Session


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In the world of photography, I have noticed that every moment is a memory that is just waiting to be captured. This was the case with Alyssa and Conner’s Mount Tamalpais Engagement Session. Despite facing some unexpected challenges, their love prevailed and resulted in a beautiful collection of images that will forever tell the tale […]

Mount Tamalpais Engagement Session: Love Amidst the Clouds


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You have decided to commit to your partner… And now it is time to commit to your photographer. It may sound weird, but I want this to be a match made in heaven – you two and I… I know for a fact that you have a vision in mind, and I want to help bring that to life. All while capturing photos that are beautiful and unique to you and your love story.