Elope in Joshua Tree: A Boho Elopement Experience

In the heart of the desert, where dry landscapes meet the dreamy embrace of love, I experienced the magic of what it is like to elope in Joshua Tree.

A true boho elopement experience.

This was an incredible opportunity to truly dive deep into the Fearless the Workshop, co-hosted by the incredibly talented Alyssa Marie Photos and Kayla Esparza Photography.

Let’s Elope in Joshua Tree National Park

A Match Made in Boho-Heaven

Meet Ashley and Ryan, our real-life couple who stepped into the shoes of adventurous lovebirds for this styled session.

You could, quite literally, feel their chemistry almost as good as the desert breeze. Dressed in boho-chic attire that seemed plucked from the pages of a high-fashion desert editorial, they embodied the essence of free-spirited love.

And at Joshua Tree National Park?
You couldn’t have asked for a better couple!

Nature’s Canvas: The Joshua Tree Landscape

The location choice was pure genius.

Joshua Tree’s sprawling landscapes, with its iconic twisted trees and vast desert vistas, provided the perfect canvas for this bohemian love story.

Every turn seemed like a frame from a movie, with the sun casting its golden glow over the rugged terrain. The colors of the desert worked perfectly with Ashley’s flowing gown and Ryan’s relaxed yet stylish attire.

Capturing Moments, Creating Memories

As I observed the photography queens, Alyssa Marie Photos, and Kayla Esparza Photography at work, it was clear that their artistic vision was in perfect sync with the surroundings.

Together, we were all able to capture stolen glances, laughter, and whispered promises between Ashley and Ryan.

Each shot seemed better than the last.

Why Elope in Joshua Tree National Park?

Are you a to-be-wed couple with an obsession for adventure and a love for all things boho?

Then let me be the first to tell you that Joshua Tree might just be the canvas for your wedding dreams!

The arid beauty of this national park adds an element of raw romance that’s hard to replicate anywhere else.

Imagine exchanging vows under the vast desert sky or having your first dance next to a literal Joshua tree.

Capture Your Love Story

Thinking of eloping in the midst of this ethereal beauty?
If you’re on the lookout for a photographer who can not only capture your special day but also weave the enchanting backdrop into your narrative, look no further!

Trust me, after witnessing the magic that unfolded at Ashley and Ryan’s elopement, I would love nothing more than to help you bring your wedding dreams to life!


As I look back at this experience in Joshua Tree, I am left feeling immensely grateful to have been a part of this boho elopement in Joshua Tree. The love between Ashley and Ryan, the artistry of the photographers, and the rugged beauty of the location merged to create a truly unforgettable experience.

A round of applause for the incredible team that made this boho elopement a reality:

Workshop: @fearlesstheworkshop
Planning & Styling: @alyssamarieephoto and @kaylaaesparza
Dress: @rish_bridal from @loveandlacebridalsalon
Suit: @friartux
Florist: @sweetfloraldreams
Makeup: @katievigilmua
Models: @ashleyvenegas & @ryann.vaughn
Hat: @lackofcoloraus
Invite Suite: @canva



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